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In a hectic world where people feel like they're constantly rushing to beat deadlines, some recreational hobbies like boating bring a much-needed change of pace that can impact your health in more ways than one. Whether you are an avid powerboat racer, a leisure cruiser, an amateur fisherman, or just a casual weekend boater, you will experience benefits that many people fail to realize.

Just like any hobbyist and the tools of their trade, it's important to roll your sleeves up and regularly give your equipment the TLC they deserve to perform to its full potential. So whether you're a weekend warrior or a serious angler, cleaning your fibreglass boat is a must! 

There’s more to owning a boat than just driving your vessel to a nearby boat ramp and hitting the water. If you’ve recently purchased a boat, here’s how you can make the activities more interesting for everyone involved. For people who are new to this activity, the following tips can make your boating experience more pleasurable. 

Another Great review by our friends at South Australian Angler, telling us the best about the Haines Signature 680F! This Boat is the biggest and best of the whole Fisher range her at Haines Signature and is surely worth the great words! 

Just what you have been waiting for... a brilliant review on the Haines Signature 640F! a boat well deserving of any compliment made. This versatile boat has got the perfect balance of elegance and practicality when it comes to a fishing boat! 

The South Australian Angler has given a glowing review on the Haines Signature 543SF. The Sports fisher is the perfect hybrid boat combining speed and manoeuvrability with great practicality for your next fishing trip!

Have you ever wanted to join the Haines Signature Family? Well South Australian Angler tells you exactly why you should. Reviewing the fantastic 485SF, our entry level sports fisher providing speed, comfort and practicality.

Your choice of fishing lure is crucial to your success. If you’re fishing in seawater, it’s best to use live bait. And if you’re fishing in freshwater, you can go wild with your choice of artificial lures. But did you know that the colour of your lure may be important as well?

Going on a boat trip and exploring the waters can be the perfect activity, letting you take a break from regular life. You can have a worry-free time and spend hours with the people you love, the sky and the sea. However, before you slip into that bliss, preparing for the boat trip is vital.

If you’re into fishing, whether as a hobby or a career, you know that there are numerous ways for you to catch fish, which involve various fishing equipment based on your chosen method. When it comes to vertical fishing, also known as jigging, the technique consists of going on a boat, throwing a line straight into the water, and hoping to lure fish into taking your bait.  

A boat is an excellent buy, whether for company or personal usage. Having a boat allows you to have unique experiences that you would not enjoy on land. If you enjoy fishing or water sports, possessing a boat makes these activities more accessible.