Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Fibreglass Boat

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Fibreglass Boat

A boat is an excellent buy, whether for company or personal usage. Having a boat allows you to have unique experiences that you would not enjoy on land. If you enjoy fishing or water sports, possessing a boat makes these activities more accessible.

Your boat, like any other vehicle, requires regular maintenance. Fibreglass boats are popular because they have more amenities and are more stable on the water. However, they frequently need more maintenance than other aluminium boats. Here are some things you can do to keep your fibreglass boat in good condition.

Fix Cracks Right Away

If you collide with a sharp rock or similar item while boating, the hull of your boat may splinter or shatter. By leaving your boat on land, you might potentially cause fractures in the haul. It is preferable to patch these cracks as soon as possible before they get larger. The larger the split, the more costly the repair!

Fortunately, most minor cracks may be repaired on your own. Fibreglass repair kits often include all of the supplies required. To begin, drill a tiny hole at either end of the fracture to prevent it from spreading further. Minor fractures can be expanded, and epoxy filled. Allow the epoxy to cure for one day after filling the crack.

Wash Your Boat Regularly

Water can get trapped inside your boat, which can cause mildew and mold to grow on its interior. Mildew and mold will damage the fibreglass on your boat, so it's best to clean it off as quickly as possible.

To wash your boat, use a mild dish detergent. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the boat's interior, paying particular attention to the floor. Use a hose to flush out the boat's exterior. If you want to, use a high-pressure hose to wash off the boat's exterior to remove dirt and mud that could damage the fibreglass.

Wax is Your Best Friend

Like with cars, wax is the best way to protect fibreglass from damage. Wax protects the fibreglass from UV damage and other contaminants. Regular waxing will keep your boat looking new for years. A buffer can be used to apply wax polish. Avoid streaks and damage to the hull by using gentle, circular movements. Allow the wax to rest for 10 minutes once you've finished.

Make use of Gelcoat

The gel coat is responsible for the shiny look of the fibreglass boat. You may, however, need to repair the Gelcoat at any time during your ownership. Even a thorough cleaning will not permanently remove stubborn material from the boat. Excessive dirt and grime might degrade the Gelcoat.

These areas require special care. Scrub these spots by hand using a professional Gelcoat cleaning product and rubber gloves. If the present coating of Gelcoat has degraded, you may need to apply a fresh layer.


Boating is a great way to relax and unwind. Fibreglass boats are popular because of their stability on the water and their adaptability to different water conditions. These boats will last you for decades if you look after them properly. If you follow these tips, you can ensure your boat stays in perfect condition.

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