What You Should Never Forget to Bring to a Boat Trip

What You Should Never Forget to Bring to a Boat Trip

Going on a boat trip and exploring the waters can be the perfect activity, letting you take a break from regular life. You can have a worry-free time and spend hours with the people you love, the sky and the sea. However, before you slip into that bliss, preparing for the boat trip is vital. 

There are several common items that people forget when they’re finally on the vessel and away from the shore. It can be frustrating at the very least when you miss certain products that could make the trip more fun, or more importantly, safe.

Here are some products that you should never fail to bring for an unforgettable boat trip:

1) Safety Gear and Kit

It isn’t advisable to leave the land without safety gear and a first aid kit onboard. Be sure to double-check what you have on the boat and restock your supplies if you are missing any essentials. Check if you have life jackets, smoke signals, fire extinguishers, floatation devices and the like already on the boat.

2) Food and Drinks

The number of provisions you bring will depend on how long your boat trip is, and the number of people coming along. Some boats are equipped with cooking facilities and coolers for the beverages, making it possible to just bring the ingredients and whip up something on the way.

3) Emergency Supplies

It’s hard to predict when a part of a boat might suddenly need a quick fix while on water. It’s important to bring some emergency supplies to help repair the ship when needed. Some things to remember is a paring knife, duct tape, electrical tape, screwdrivers, flashlights and so on.

4) Cleaning Products

When there’s a mess on board like a drink spill, you’re going to want to deal with it right away rather than letting it soak. Scrubbing it off now while it’s fresh will be much easier than when it stains the material. Bring some soap, brushes and a couple of rags to take care of things. 

5) Anchor

If you’re going on a boat trip where you plan to stop at a certain point, forgetting an anchor may be the worst thing you can do. It’s essential to bring an anchor to prevent the ship from moving and drifting away even when you stop the boat. Don’t forget the rope to come with it!

6) Relevant Documents

Most boaters may already know this, but proper documentation is needed when you’re out in the water. If you’re requested to present your boat registration and IDs with nothing to show for it, you may be sent back to shore.

7) Mobile Phone and Chargers

It’s best to bring your smartphone along for the ride. This the quickest way to contact someone in case of an emergency or when you just need to reach someone. Also remember to bring some charging devices such as a power bank, or check the boat for any outlets.

8) Timepass Products

Finally, a good boating trip should include some products along for leisure and to pass the time. This can be a matter of preference. A beanie bag to help you stay out in the water and soak up the sun, or a sound system to give you some tunes to listen to alongside the sea breeze, will be great.


Every boater’s experience can depend on what exactly they bring for the trip. Having all the items mentioned above on hand will make for a safe and fun journey that will surely stand out from your memories. 

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