4 Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Boat Fiberglass

4 Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Boat Fiberglass

Just like any hobbyist and the tools of their trade, it's important to roll your sleeves up and regularly give your equipment the TLC they deserve to perform to its full potential. So whether you're a weekend warrior or a serious angler, cleaning your fibreglass boat is a must! 

After all, boats can take a lot of corrosion, especially in the saltwater environment, which is why it's important to wash and clean your boat regularly. On that note, keeping your fibreglass boat spick-and-span is a crucial step to ensuring its longevity. 

The Importance of Cleaning Your Boat Fiberglass 

Considering that fibreglass is porous, it's important to clean and wash your boat regularly, to prevent the growth of algae and other types of marine fouling, which ultimately leads to degradation of your boat's exterior and reduced resale value.

Cleaning without paying attention to the proper tools and supplies, however, can do more damage than good to your fibreglass boat. With that in mind, knowing the common mistakes most beginners make can help ensure all your cleaning efforts aren't going to waste.

Breaking Down the Common Mistakes of Cleaning a Fiberglass Boat

Mistake #1: Forgetting to Rinse First

In the rush to wash your boat, it's all too easy to forget what the first step of any cleaning routine should be – rinsing. Rinsing your fibreglass boat first can remove loose dirt, which will make it easier to wash the entire surface of your boat with greater efficiency. 

Additionally, rinsing first will eliminate any soap residue, which would otherwise make it harder to wash the boat. Skip this step and your boat's surface may become etched with tiny scratches and swirls that are extremely difficult to remove.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Apply Fresh Coats of Wax

Following the rinse, complete your boat cleaning routine with a coat of wax. Applying fresh coats of wax to your boat regularly is crucial to maintaining the shine of your boat's exterior.

It's important to note that the frequency will depend on how often you use your boat. Part of the cleaning routine should include re-waxing your boat after each use. That way, your boat will be prepared for the next time you take it out on the water.

Mistake #3: Rushing the Rinsing and Washing Process

It's tempting to rush the rinsing and washing process so you can get your boat back on the water quickly. However, that's just asking for trouble.

In order to truly clean your boat, it's essential to thoroughly rinse and wash the entire surface, which requires time and patience. Skimping on either of these two steps results in a less polished boat, which will look like it's just been through the wringer.

Mistake #4: Ditching the Colour Restorer 

All good things come with time, and a good cleaning routine is no exception. When it comes to cleaning your boat, it's important to stick to a routine schedule that consists of washing, waxing, and polishing your boat with a colour restorer.

Ultimately, the colour restorer will ensure that your boat's finish stays deep and lustrous. That way, your boat will always look like it's brand new and ready for the boat show.

The Bottom Line: Keep Your Fiberglass Boat Good as New with the Proper Cleaning Practices

Cleaning your boat is like taking care of anything else in your life – the proper tools and supplies can protect it from excessive wear and tear, leading to a longer life. The same rule applies to cleaning your boat, so if you want to keep your boat looking good as new, just remember to clean it regularly and follow the proper steps. Check out the recommended cleaning bundle to ensure that your boat is in tip top shape with every use! 

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