Helpful Tips to Perfecting Your Vertical Fishing Methods

Helpful Tips to Perfecting Your Vertical Fishing Methods

If you’re into fishing, whether as a hobby or a career, you know that there are numerous ways for you to catch fish, which involve various fishing equipment based on your chosen method. When it comes to vertical fishing, also known as jigging, the technique consists of going on a boat, throwing a line straight into the water, and hoping to lure fish into taking your bait.

For best results, you should have the appropriate equipment and bait, such as lure or fish. To achieve better results and catch fish much faster, it will help to use an echo sounder to detect fish.

You should also pay attention to the jigs you use, and it will help if you have them in various colours and sizes to attract different kinds of fish. Keep reading to find out ways to help you improve your vertical fishing tactics and bring home more fish every time.

How to Improve Your Vertical Fishing Skills

Vertical jigging is quite easy to perform, so long as you know what you’re doing and what you need. The fishing method works best on fresh and saltwater fishing, especially when you can find the school of fish on forage or water conditions consisting of optimal oxygen levels. Some ways you can improve vertical jigging to help attract fish successfully include:

You Should Utilise the Correct Metal

When looking for the right vertical jig, you should consider the heavier and more slender fishing gear to achieve the best outcomes. The heavier the item is, the better it will sink in the sea, reaching the depth of the fish. 

You Should Match Your Lure Right

No matter what fishing store you visit, you can find them selling an array of classic and modern jigs, in a variety of styles. They have reflective features and 3D prints to make the jigs look like real fish to sea creatures.

If you have a preferred local forage in mind, you should purchase lures that match their size, colour, and profile. That way, you can increase the chances of catching fish effortlessly. However, during cloudy or murky waters, you should avoid throwing in brightly coloured jigs.

You Should Target the Correct Depth

Every time you mark the waters and locate fish, you must maintain your lure only within the area. You could focus on techniques like bobbing the lure using your fishing rod as you keep hold of your line, especially when the lure flutters down to the depths.

 Besides that, you could also apply another way of keeping your lure in the right depth by dropping it right below where you can find a school of fish. Afterwards, you should pull it back to the surface. If the fish are in the deeper parts of the water, you don’t have to draw your line all the way to the surface. Instead, you could drop it down once more while still moving within the strike zone.


If you wish to get better at vertical fishing, you may want to invest in a better lure, including your bait and tackle. Some other ways you could try are utilising the correct metal, matching your lure right, and targeting the proper depth without going out of the boundaries.

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