More than 50 years of innovation, research and development that's been perfected after decades of tweaking, improving and mastering...

Haines Signature Boats has long been regarded as one of Australia's best built boats in the Australian trailer boat market. 

The introduction of the world-patented Signature Variable Deadrise HullTM (SVDHTM) has not only revolutionised the ride, it's now synonymous with our brand and range of boats. Each boat is built on this revolutionary hull, acclaimed for its performance, planing ability and fuel saving benefits, achieved by its striking 21–33° deadrise.

Advantages of SVDH:

  • Soft riding (retains a deep deadrise, or vee, which cuts through rough water)
  • More stable (particularly when walking side to side as it sits lower in the water)
  • Safer (vision not obscured at slower speeds)
  • Fuel saving (more efficient hull)
  • Lower planing speeds
  • Dry ride