Top Things You Will Need To Know About Fibreglass Boats

Top Things You Will Need To Know About Fibreglass Boats

One common material used to make boats nowadays is fibreglass. It is not uncommon to come across boats made of GRP or glass-reinforced plastic. But how long do fibreglass boats last, and are they durable? Keep reading below to learn more.

How Long Do Fibreglass Boats Last?

One would be surprised to learn that fibreglass boats are quite durable and will last longer than expected. It is known that fibreglass boats could last up to 50 years or more. Fibreglass is known to be a hard-to-break material when it is used to reinforce something else.

However, despite the strength of GRP in boats, there are still external factors that could lead to its degradation. When fibreglass is exposed to UV rays, water and saltwater, it wears down faster. So, if you want a fibreglass boat to last long, then it needs to be properly taken care of. There need to be some levels of maintenance that needs to be done.

Aside from exposure to these factors harming fibreglass, there may also be some cases wherein poor production at the beginning makes it brittle. As mentioned before, fibreglass is difficult to break, but only when used to reinforce something else. On its own, fibreglass is fragile. If the boat is not constructed properly, then it is prone to breaking.

How to Make Fibreglass Last Longer?

Every material will need some level of maintenance to keep it lasting long. Fibreglass boats only last long if there is maintenance done to them. However, if they are left alone and exposed to natural elements, then they have a tendency of breaking.

When maintaining your fibreglass boat, you must remember to try and keep it away from unnecessary exposure to UV rays, water and saltwater. That is not to say it should not be used when going on a boat ride. Rather, if not in use, it needs to be protected.

In water, the boat should not be left out on it too long. If not in use, try to bring your boat to the dock and wipe it down. The biggest enemy in water is the growth of algae on your boat. Some people may have an anti-growth spray of some sort to prevent this, while others may just wipe it down. Just make sure to get it completely clean and do not leave it in the water for long periods.

The same goes when it comes to the sun. When it is not in use, make sure to get your boat in the shade. If this is not possible, try to cover the parts where fibreglass is used, especially those exposed, which is normally the boat floor. UV rays cause fibreglass to become very brittle, making them easy to crack and break.

Always keep your boat clean and ensure that it does not stay wet for too long. Aside from that, you will also want to maintain the engine. Keep the engine clean and replace any parts that seem to be old or need to be replaced.


Fibreglass boats last long, but only if taken care of. There needs to be maintenance done on the boats, and they should not be exposed to specific external factors, such as UV rays, water and saltwater. Make sure to refer to our guide if you wonder about our fibreglass boats.

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