Fish & Boat Magazine – Haines Signature 640SF Review

Fish & Boat Magazine | Haines Signature 640SF Review

This  review was originally published in the latest copy of Fish & Boat Magazine. Review written by Will Kitching.

After parking my car at the Southport Yacht Club and walking down to the marina, I stood by the water and enjoyed the warm morning sunlight. I was lucky enough to be heading out on the water to put a couple of boats to the test. There were endless rows of moored boats to look at, but when I met with John Haines and we walked towards the brand new Haines Signature 640SF boats, I was literally speechless. Sitting on the water waiting for me to test was a side console, and a centre console in the same model of boat.

The first thing that caught my eye was the shiny gloss finish which wrapped down both sides of the boats. This compliments the sleek, sharp shape of these boats to give them a very clean, modern look, and several people walking past stopped to comment on how amazing the two boats looked. After stepping on board though, I soon learned that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and I was in awe when I saw the interior.

Haines Signature have really outdone themselves with the 640SF, with some of the most well thought-out features I have ever I have ever seen – their attention to even the smallest of details on these boats is second to none! The side console and centre console had several differences, however both were set out flawlessly. Before going into all the exciting details about the two different vessels, let's look at what makes the 640SF such a game-changer....

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