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Boat review: 2021 Haines Signature 640SF revealed in centre, side console

This review was originally published on on 7 June  2021. Words by Jeff Webster.

Haines Group unveils two slick new offshore fishing rigs based on the Haines Signature 640SF

The Haines Group has lifted the covers off two all-new 6.4-metre open deck fishing boats, the Haines Signature 640SF centre console and 640SF side console.

The new Haines Signature models enlarge the Queensland-based boat maker's trailerable fishing boat range, providing anglers with two terrific new platforms made for the pursuit of everything from mackerel to marlin.

Haines Signature's new 640SF models were on display at the 2021 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, but the official reveal and media launch was staged on the Gold Coast last week.

Haines Signature managing director John Haines hosted the launch at the Southport Yacht Club, before taking to the Gold Coast Broadwater and offshore for sea trials.

Two boats were made available; a tricked-out Haines Signature 640SF centre console fitted with a 225hp Mercury V6 outboard engine, and a more modestly outfitted side console boat paired with a 200hp Suzuki inline four-cylinder outboard engine. 

A third boat, a 225hp Yamaha-equipped 640SF centre console on display at the Sanctuary Cove show that also featured a T-top, was not ready to hit the water in time for last week's launch.

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