Seating capacity: 5 people
Fuel capacity: 120L
Towing weight:
Approx. 935kg
Power outboard: 40–100hp*

The 485SF performs above its class

The possibilities are endless with the 485SF. Design a boat that’s perfect for you by choosing from 29 different configurations, styles and options available with our modular style boat. 

The 485SF is purpose built for tournament fishing. A tough, no-frills boat with an open deck that’s perfect for experienced fishermen who know what they want and with storage aplenty – large live wells in the front and back, as well as underfloor. 

The 485SF is manufactured using our RTM process – full Resin Injected Vacuum Assisted Low Emissions (RIVALE™), a top of the range option that’s lighter and the strongest specific resin to glass ratio. 

This boat performs on the water with complete confidence and with maximum strength regardless of whether you’re hitting the lakes, dams and estuaries on a glassy or choppy day.